All modern sports had their origins in the medieval or ancient periods when they were practiced in the form of military training or as exclusive activities for the upper layer of society. At present, all sports have been refined, being accessible to everyone, and especially to those who want to benefit financially from them. Thus, an entire betting industry has developed around all sports competitions.

Of all the forms of gambling, sports betting is the safest and easiest to predict. The reason is that all sports competitions take place between two players or two teams. Once the value of the player or team is known, the result of the game is easier to anticipate.

The Most Popular Sports Bets

Prestigious bookmakers offer a full betting grid for all types of sports, such as football, American football, hockey, basketball, cricket, handball, rugby, tennis, horse racing, etc.

Depending on the betting agency or the online casino, bets on sports competitions can be placed on any event during the game. In the case of a one-to-one sports competition, such as a tennis match, chances are more limited, with bettors having the opportunity to place bets on the winner, on games, on sets, differences, or handicaps in sets, and so on.

In the case of football matches, bettors have hundreds of betting options. They can bet before the game, but also during it. Bets can be placed on any event during the match, such as:

  • Who’s winning
  • Who scores the first goal
  • How many cards awarded in regular time
  • How many corners are recorded by a specific team
  • How many fouls will happen in the match
  • Which player will score

However, bettors have the opportunity to increase their winnings by betting on multiple events on a single ticket. In this way, the value of the odds of all the matches will be multiplied by the bet, and thus a win with five or six zeros can be reached.